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Changes with multi parts


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Is there any way of implementing the ability to but multiple scheduled dates for the calendar based on 1 change which may have multiple parts to it. Some of our changes can be spaced over period of time so would be useful to be able to have more than one scheduled date.



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Thanks for your post.

The Scheduling Item of a change request currently only works with a single range.  Have you looked at using the activities for the individual parts?  The Scheduling could cover the entire range of work while the activities could be used to schedule the different parts.  You may find that you can create sequential or parallel tasks as part of a workflow when the types of activities are known and repeatable.  Where the activities are unique to a change you can manually add these in the planning stage.  The activities have a nice checklist feature that would allow you to build up some detail for the work that is needed to complete that particular part.



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We are going to work around this by asking people with multi part changes to write individual changes, however it would be good if the possibility to add adhoc scheduling to the calendar is also possible


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