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Email Routing Rules

Paul Morrow

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I've been trying to setup an email rule to move inbound emails with certain subjects to specific mailbox folders.

Using info from wiki and here on the forum I just can't seem to get the thing to work.

See screen shot below. I've tried various combinations for rules including adding AND 'Service Desk'. Using "=" and "==" etc etc.

Can anyone see anything wrong with this simple rule?

Paul Morrow


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Hi Paul,

 thanks for your post. I can see that you have correctly selected to move the mailbox to a folder which has exposed the mailbox related fields.

The first things I would check is that you have completed these fields correctly in that the mailbox name appears exactly as it does in your list of Shared Mailboxes (i.e. the mailbox ID, not the display name), and that the folder name appears exactly as the folder name when viewing the inbox (including the correct case i.e. capital letters, and also spaces, commas etc).

Let me know if that helps.



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The mailbox display name is the only option I can choose ie, "Service Desk". It is populated when I switch on the mailbox toggle and can't be changed manually.

The actual name of the mailbox is just "servicedesk".



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