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Hi Gareth, questions are not intended to be edited as it's the information that's been gathered at the time of creating the request. You can now map questions to custom fields which gives you multiple benefits:

  • You can edit or expand on the answer data while still keeping a copy of the original (in the form of answers to the questions)
  • You can include the answers as variables in your email templates
  • The answers can be reported on

It's also worth bearing in mind that the answers are shown on the portals to the customer, so they may not understand why their answer is not the one that they entered at the time of creating the request.

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I appreciate that but in a change context information may need to be added or amended to allow a change to be approved the way the information is presented if further updates or amends are placed in custom fields or timeline


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Reviving a very old topic...

In our instance of Hornbill, only my Department has access to raise Change Requests. We are the ones that take control of the request before / during and after CAB. If a customer requests a change, it goes through their relevant IT Support person to raise a Change Request for Change Management and CAB to go through it with.

The ability to edit questions would further reduce the user of needing to upload a new form each time we need to make a change.

Users are required to fill out a Change Request form in Word then upload it to the ticket. Most users do this during the Progressive Capture, and one of the fields on the form is the Change Request Reference. I've advised them to upload the form after creating the request, but... well you know what happens.

Then throughout the Change process, new information get's added. In my case in the past this has happened 5 times, so i had to re-upload the form 5 times for minor adjustments.

As it's the customer (Users not Basic) who control the Change Request, this feature would be a huge plus and would save a lot of time.

Maybe have an option available in the settings where we can enable / disable allowing questions to be editted. If enabled, then a button would appear (much like the Asset History) showing information on the question that was amended, with a reason as to why it was amended.



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