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Task Completion Mandatory Before Close

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Hi all, is it possible to force tasks to be completed before closing a request?  My analysts seem to be able to close requests without completing outstanding tasks set against that request.  Apologies if I've missed something obvious!

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Hi Michael,

There is a way you could do it...

Create the very last task with a decision that once completed automatically resolve the call... then go into the Service and disable the "Resolve Call" button against that Service.

The only downside is that you cannot write a "Resolve" message that gets included in the email to the customer once the call is resolved... unless i'm missing something?



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You can skip around the work flow using the buttons at the top of the page (first attachment)

These can be removed individually in the request configuration screen (second attachment)

I think then the only way they can resolve the call is to follow the BPM to completion

Hope that helps




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Hi Mike,

As well as the great suggestions above (where you can hide the "Resolve" button on a Service by Service basis) we also have an application setting you can switch on which will prevent a request from being resolved if there are any open tasks outstanding. 

This setting can be found in the Admin App - Home > Service Manager > Application Settings and he setting is called "webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.resolve.denyWithOpenActivities"



Switch this to "On" and analysts will be able to prevent requests from being resolved if there are any open tasks. 

I hope this helps



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