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Request List Formatting


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I've noticed that when I scroll though the request list in Service Manager, the formatting of the columns changes and they move even though the text in the columns does not seem to extend past the column end.

Hopefully the attached screenshots will show what I mean but it's much clearer when you are scrolling through the requests.





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We experience the same thing as you scroll through the pages of requests, with it resizing column on the fly. Seems to be on all the columns but we find 'Summary' and 'Organisation' have the most impact on the column sizing jumping back and forth.



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In version 2.30+ the summary field (and a few others) will have a minimum width which will reduce the amount of resizing. It's hard to give each column an exact width because the amount of content will vary for nearly all users. Some will find it to wide, some will find it too narrow.

When the changes have made it out to the app store (a week or two away), it would be good to get some feedback to see if it's any better.

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Hi -

Not necessarily on the formatting of the columns, but we are experiencing an issue where a Manager of a team is changing their view of the Request List (i.e oldest jobs first) and it is changing the view for all of their staff.

Is there something we can do to stop this happening as we want team members to be able to view it as they see fit, their best way of working.

Thanks in advance,


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