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cant seem to use snippets on call resolution


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Hi Guys, ive noticed I cant seem to use snippets when im setting a call resolution, is this a settings thing as I can use it when emailing a customer a message? I think it would be really useful as often quite a lot of our call resolved involve a user needing to log out for setting changes to take effect. so we often will have to type instructions for logging out properly.








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Hi Gary,

The Snippets at the moment have only been implemented for the email component.  We wanted to build and develop the Snippets in this one area to get feedback and to see how they are being used.  You are not the first person to say that they would like to use Snippets in other places.  It is great to hear that you are making use of the Snippets and we can look to see where and how we can introduce this in other areas of a request.  

Regarding the Connections, could you provide some more detail about what you would like to do with the connections?  In the Email Action component it allows you to add the email addresses of the connections that have already been added to the request.  Connections are added to the request using the Connections Action component. Are you wanting to include a connection in the resolution so that they are included in an automatic email on resolution of the request?

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Hi James - thanks for your reply - yes - that's correct, in the resolution tab I'd like to be able to select a connection, who will then receive the automatic email on resolution.


if we could have the same snippet / connection options on call resolution as we do on 'email action'. that'd be great.




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