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Category inheritance


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Is there anyway of make lower tier categories have some link factor to the 1st tier or for category groups.

The scenario being if I create a decision point based on a category selection I have to create a choice based not only on top level category but all under that which can be a very large selection in some cases. Based on this if you could either create a group / link category levels then a choice made at tier 1 can also filter down the tiers  

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I can see the challenge when you have a large structure of category codes... I was facing a similar dilemma when designing some internal processes. Perhaps this would be a helpful: Let's say you have a structure like:

  • Tier 1
    • SubTier 1.1
      • SubTier 1.1.1
    • SubTier 1.2
  • Tier 2
    • SubTier 2.1
    • SubTier 2.2
      • SubTier 2.2.1

Now, instead of having a condition to check the category as: category = "Tier1 > SubTier 1.1 > SubTier 1.1.1" have the condition as: category LIKE "Tier1%" AND category LIKE "%SubTier 1.1.1%" where you only specify the top tier and the code itself or any combination of the above...

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