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expanding "logging source" options

Ralf Peters

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is it possible to update the h_source_type  field  via a human task in the Business process or editing in  the request details or ....  ?

in Support works we were able to update the origin field and we got used to using a much more detailed list then just  "Analyst,Email,Request,Self Service"

We are required to run reports/widget against this information .

I though of putting it into the progessive capture flow and map it to one of the custom fields and use that for reporting , but I only want this to be required when the Analayst created the request not the customer ( as that should default to "self service" )  .  Ideally i would want to report on only one "source" field.








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Thanks for your post.  We do have some plans for expanding on our reporting abilities and knowing that Source is a great statistic for service desk analytics, we will look to extend out the features for the source options in order to support these reports.

Would you be happy to provide a list of sources that you would like to use?  Also, I would be interested to hear if you have a particular report that you are trying to produce so we can see how we can provide supporting data in future iterations of Service Manager.  



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Hi James,

we have used these in support works :


Email direct to Analyst



Phoned Analyst directly

Scheduled Task


Task List



i have included the report export from Support works .

i made the Origin field mandatory on the entry form, calls created through selfservice and email would set the field automatically.








Calls by Origin and who logged them.xml

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Thanks for the report and list.  I will make sure this is linked up with the change that we have planned.   The existing list of sources are automatically set based on the entry points that we offer, such as mobile, self service, analyst (manual entry), etc.  But key sources that we are missing such as the "walk-in" really needs that ability to manually apply as the request is being raised.

I will update this post once the change is scheduled for development. 

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Was there any progress on this?
My Service Desk are asking to have the option to select the source, most importantly so the Service Desk can distinguish between calls they log from a phone call or walk-up, and potentially between a direct call or answerphone message.

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