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Team notifications via email updates need a team owner


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James I've taken your advice and posted this as a separate topic

I'll look at the routing rules both in Hornbill and Exchange, but fundamental I don't agree with the way Service Manager deals with team notifications. I understand the reason for having it (a ticket has no owner, a customer update needs to be seen), but it should be configurable to either:

  1. Sent to all team (and sub team members) as it currently does - I don't like this, as nobody takes ownership. And may not be relevant to the sub teams. Ticket timeline gets updated with out of office responses from analysts in the teams (which the customer may be unhappy seeing). This is a bigger problem if you have large teams.
  2. Sent to a named individual (eg. team leader or manager). This is what I would prefer - so its clear who monitoring these types of updates (for tickets with no owners).
  3. No action to be taken

The out of office updates are happening as expected - they are not coming from one individual, but may start initially with the customer, but as the team notification gets emailed to the whole team, any analysts who have their OOO enabled causes the ticket to update, which in turns sends a further notification out. Its not a broadcast storm - but can be annoying if you have nothing to do with the initial team (sub team - eg. main team is infrastructure, server and network are subteams both get notified for an ownerless ticket in either subteam or main team).

See previous history here


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Hi Nasim

Thanks for the update

Options 1 and 3 are already catered for in the notification settings and the suggestion of option 2 seems valid.

You already have the ability to specify a manager or team lead when adding your members to each group (team).  So logically it would make sense to utilise this.

This functionality does not exist currently but is definitely feasible, so I will get this raised and reviewed as if accepted this will require a change to implement this.

In the meantime have you considered using either of the Round Robin Assignment, or Capacity based assignment options in the business process designer which would automatically assign requests on a random basis within a team or to the analyst with the least requests in each team when requests are logged, this way this may cut down on the amount of requests sat at the team level (with no owner) awaiting individual ownership, and then subject to the OOO behaviour you have reported? Obviously this in not appropriate all the time. 

I'll update once we have progress on this


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Nasim, just throwing something out there in case you have some ideas, but what about when the manager/lead is on holiday or just not available for a period of time?

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