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Hello can someone explain some of the new items released

  • NEW: You can now map custom questions to the summary, description and custom fields of a request - How do I add custom fields to this?


What do the below mean

  • CHANGE: Added scheduled change dates as output params


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Hi Gwynne, 

Regarding the "Map Custom Questions", have a look here:

Expand the "Read More" next to "Customised Forms"

In brief, what this means is that in a Progressive Capture, instead of using an "Automated Form" = "Request Details", you can update the Summary, Details and any custom fields separately from within a "Custom Form".

I'm curious about your other 2 queries too.



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Guest Chaz
  • CHANGE: Added scheduled change dates as output params

When working with a BPM specific to a Change, you can now get information about the scheduled dates and base decisions on them or use the content in various places that parameters are supported.

  • CHANGE: Improved custom request views builder

We overhauled how request views (filters) are structured. This will hopefully provide a better interface for anyone using them and makes it a bit easier for us to extend when we have stuff to add to it.

Hope that helps.


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You can start with the Get Request Information automated task and then follow this with a decision node.  Using the custom expressions on the decision outcomes you will be able to select either the Scheduled End Date or Scheduled Start date to build your expression.

Information about the Get Request Information can be found here

When building your custom expression you should be able to provide an =, <, or > followed by the date format of  'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss' (eg: global["flowcode"]["scheduledStartDate"] > '2014-04-30 11:00:00')

Decision Outcome for Schedule.PNG

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