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Moving between services


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Currently the BP does not allow this functionality. But if there is any plan to allow this, our product managers might be able to give more information.

When we would advise for this situation would be to log a new request (based on the existing one) against the correct service.

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Just to add to Victor's comments

The current behaviour is that the the BPM is invoked based on a number of different factors:

1. The Service and or Request Type against which the request is logged

2. The Catalog Item of a specific Service against which the request is logged

3. System Settings per request type

Once the BP is invoked it manages the invoking of timers, starting and stopping them, sending emails, assignments etc. 

So this would not be something we would drive from within a business process, as we would not know at what point the Service needed changing.

This could possibly be a consideration on the request forms, and if the option to change the Service / Catalog Item was developed we would need to consider a number of factors including:

1. Should the BPM of the old service / Catalog Item keep running or switch to the BP of the new Service / Catalog Item?

2. What if there were different Service Levels running on the original to the one you wanted to switch too. 

3. Notifications to the customer of the request from the original BP, if it changed?

4. Customer visibility of the Head's Up Display on the portals if the BP was changed when switching Service / Catalog Item

Now none of these are insurmountable but there is a lot to consider with any future development in this area. 

We would of course welcome your thoughts, ideas and use cases in this area




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Is there no way to change a call from one service to another? 90% of our calls are logged via the self service portal and great as this stat is it does mean staff can have the tendency to for example log a new starter call under the Files and Folders service rather than the New Starter one.

I can create a first stage in the BPM to allow you to move this call to the New Starter BPM but this wouldn't change the service.

Can this be done manually? Or as above will we always need to recreate the call?

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