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Linking Service to priority Matrix


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HI Chris 

Could you elaborate a little more about what you are looking to achieve?  

Equally gwynne are you looking for a specific timer linked to the priority to be linked to the request type, or another reason for having a default priority?




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Hi Steve,

thanks for the reply, We have tend to have priorities based on each service (Service Low, Medium and High), when I come to select a priority I can see all the service priorities see attached rather than just the three related to the particular service.


We have a service called CCF which has three priorities: CCF High, CCF Medium, CCF Low if I select the service CCF I would like to just see these three not the Low, Medium and highs for all services.

Hope that makes sense,



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Hi Chris

Can i assume from this that you had different service levels associated to each Priority and these are  also different per service?

If that is the case, the new Service Level Functionality which is in final Beta testing and hopefully will be available to customers in the coming weeks will hopefully simplify this for you.

The new functionality will allow you to detach the association of the resolution timers from the priorities and allow you on a service by service basis to define the required response and resolution targets, or define multiple sets of response and resolutions targets which can be automatically invoked based on definable rules per service;  like who the customer or organisation is raising the request against the Service, or which Request Catalog Item they are requesting it against, or all of these and the priority.

This will free the priorities up to be a simply High, Medium and Low which may well be applicable across all your services (as per the screen shot above) 

Please look out for the upcoming release to see if this will provide you with a more elegant way of achieving the above, and reducing and simplifying you priorities down to High, Medium, Low across all Services.

If this dose not work, perhaps we can look at other options like filtering etc but I would be keen for you to consider the new SLM functionality first and see if this works.

Let me know



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