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Hornbill Community Link in user drop down

Martyn Houghton

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With the latest release there is a now a 'Hornbill Community' link in the user drop down dialog in the top right hand corner. Though I do not want to stifle interaction on the forum from our users, I would prefer that not all of them have the easy link to the forum, as we do undertake some internal assessment/filtering of requests/issues internally before we post on the forum.

Is it possible to disable this link in a setting or via a security permission?



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Hi Martyn,

We are trying to develop an open and vibrant community for our users. One of the reasons we have the forums open to the public is so that any one using Hornbill has access to these resources.  In the world of Supportworks our community forums were closed and access was limited to the Supportworks administrators - that was despite my best efforts to make a case to the community to open it up.  I did not want to make the same mistake when creating the Hornbill community which as you know is an open forum.  I would very much like to encourage end users of Hornbill to interact with the community and with Hornbill through the community channels.   Of course we know who our primary contacts are and will only provide support/advice/information or take instruction of a sensitive/security nature to/from those contacts but for general day-to-day use or ideas/suggestions, I believe the more people that participate in our community the better. Hope that makes sense?


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