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First Time Fixes


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Has anyone figured out how to report and action first time fixes in hornbill, its a concept we are looking to report on.

Very hard to explain but we wont a job to be able to transferred to people at will if they have no update actions based on them its still classed as  a first time fix ticket

but if its transferred and has actions applied IE emailed customer updated actions done, then its not a first time fix form





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Hi Gareth,

I have had some thought in the past about how to provide some options to offer a "First Time Fix" marker.  I was initially going to look at a combination of time plus no assignments to another team.  So, if it was fixed within X minutes and not assigned outside of the team it was raised with then a first time fix flag is set.  I like the idea that you have mention with including actions as part of this.  This would probably be needed as in a collaborative environment it can be easy for someone outside the team to jump in and provide a solution, whether they are a member of of the request or part of another team supporting the same service.

Some people also use the term First Contact Resolution for this type of report.  Which ever name if falls under, it will be important to provide a series of criteria that can be selected from so each service owner can define what they feel is a classed as a first time fix.  Nothing in the development schedule but I'll keep you posted.


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The latest update to Service Manager (build 1483) includes a new BPM operation that allows you to capture if a request meets selected First Time Fix (FTF) criteria.  


This BPM operation should be placed within your BPM workflow at a point after the request has been resolved.   

The criteria that can be set include

  • No Team Reassignments
  • No Owner Reassignments
  • No On-hold Time
  • Max Open Time

A flag will be set against the request to indicate that it had met the First Time Fix criteria that you set.  Additional documentation can be found here under the title First Time Fix.  Reports can then be generated using this FTF flag.  We will be looking to introduce some reports that will be delivered as part of the Service Manager reporting.



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Guest Paul Alexander

HI @James Ainsworth

Are there any plans on making First Time Fixes a 'global' setting?  We have LOTS of Incident BPM's which I'm now having to go through individually to update with this new node. 

The settings don't change for us (it's always the same set of criteria which ascertains whether a request has been 'fixed first time') so it sort of makes sense to me that a global FTF setting (one for Incidents, one for Service Requests maybe?) would make more sense? And possibly a node which could be used if the these settings were NOT required on a particular BPM?



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Hi @Paul Alexander

Great to see that you are using this feature.  We will at some point look to add more options for this.  We started with the BPM as on a single Service you may have multiple Request Catalog items for Incidents, and some of these may suite different rules or in some cases you don't want to use FTF with one type of Incident.  So, to start with we provided the option that would provide the most flexibility, but I also understand that in some cases it can create more overhead for setting it up.



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