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i would like the ability to add extend the already inbuilt forms especially the summary & description one i don't want to edit the main two field but the ability to add addition custom questions to it so I can get more use out of one page of questions 

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We have completed development on a feature which may help here, and will be released shortly. 

The new feature will allow you to map custom form questions to the Summary, Description, and any of the custom fields for a request.  This will mean that if you prefer you may choose not to use the Request Details Progressive Capture form, but instead create a Custom Form, define the questions you want to ask, and map the answers of these questions to any of the custom fields, the summary and or description of the request - and the answers will appear in the Details section of the request. 

This will allow you to ask multiple questions on a single form.

This approach has three additional benefits. 

1. Because the answers are mapped to the details section, all the answers in these fields can be edited / changed if needs be.

2. The Questions and Answers are also written to the Questions section on the request so you will always retain the original answers provided.

3. Because the answers have been mapped to the details section (Summary, Description and the custom fields), you can now include these answers in email templates which you may wish to send from a supporting business process, using the variables - Extended Information 1 - 20 where 1 = custom field a, 2 = custom field b and so on.

This new feature will be available shortly so look out for the release notes of the next couple of builds we push out.  



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