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Listener Node (idea)


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I have an idea that I would like to put forward to the development team for the Request List.

"To have a listener node that listens for certain specified events at certain times in a workflow"


For example say we have a major issue that is constantly getting reported by lots of users... somewhere at the start of the BPM process you have an "Open Listener" node which listens for any new connections assigned to a call.

If a new connection is found, then immediately send an email to that connection.

After the "Open Listener" node, the call progresses as it would normally through a BPM process, but the beauty is that the "Open Listener" node would constantly listen for any new connections and sends an email accordingly.

Once we get to the stage of the BPM process where we specify that the issue may be fixed then we will have a "Stop listener" node to stop listening to all (or certain) events.

After the "Stop Listener" node we can send an email to customer and all the connections saying that the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience etc. And close the call accordingly.

This wouldn't just be for connections... 


Another example could be if a listener node is listening for any time the call goes on hold, then email the Customer stating that the call is now on hold as we are awaiting your response.

When we get to the stage where customer response is not required then we can stop listening for the call to go on hold and continue the BPM process normally.

There could be many other scenarios for this. Also this would work with both manually events and automated events, and can be set up multiple times to listen to different events throughout the BPM.

Just a thought.



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I didnt have the time yesterday, but today i have created a quick mock-up in MS Visio... this is by no means a proper BPM process, just a rough example of how my idea could be used... 

(may need to view it in full screen)

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This is something we too would fine useful, as it is akin to some of the Action based operations we automated previously in VPME for Support Works. One though is whether this should be part of the main BPM, or if you have sub BPM processes which  'packaged' with the parent BPM process but are linked to certain operations, i.e. adding a connection, update of the request via the portal etc with the ability of the sub process to query the parent process (i.e. query stage check points etc) as well as the request entity itself.



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