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Loss of dashboards and slideshow within "Advanced Analytics"


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We had a number of dashboards created for us by our Hornbill specialist during the "turn on" period which in turn fed a slideshow. These have all seemed to have disappeared, I dont suppose they're backed up anywhere?



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Hi Ben,

 thanks for your post.

It's extremely unlikely that these will have disappeared. Access to dashboards and slideshows is not only enforced through security roles, but also through the concept of "Sharing". The creator will always have visibility of the item and it is up to them to Grant access to other individual users or groups through sharing.

Your Product Specialist will have used the Admin user account when creating these with you. If you log into your instance using the Admin user can you see your dashboards?

You can then access each dashboard and share it with the necessary Users or Groups. Information can be found here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Dashboards 

I hope that helps, however please let us know if you still are unable to find them and we can check your instance.

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