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API C# simplified language bindings

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I couldn't find an API specific group, so posting here, hopefully this is more or less the right place.

The Integration Wiki page mentions simplified language bindings to the API are available for C#, where might I find these? I've had a look through the Hornbill's repositories on GitHub, and have manged to get something working with API, but it would save me a lot of time if Hornbill already have built a .Net wrapper for the API.

Many thanks,

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Hi Trevor,

Can you provide us a sample for invoking this method: helpdesk::logAndAssignNewCall and please add complex parameter for additionalvalues. I tried to mimic your code and came up with this but the opencall.itsm_title is not updating.


xmlmc.AddParam("callClass""Service Request"); 
               XmlmcParam param = xmlmc.AddParam("additionalCallValues");



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