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Add button not active


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Don't have sub category listed and have selected the Category, will check again, basically filling in a time based on a 7.5 hour work so even BAU activities are listed such as service desk. an the 7.5 need to be covered Monday - Friday


if say the 7.5 have not been recorded for each day then a notification will be sent

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Few Issues so far

Categories do not update unless logging out and back in first

Add button does not become selectable unless a sub category has been created

If you pick the Start end time the hours does not auto calculate, and are also unable to set the hours when you switch back time only input

Does not clear the details when you have added the item, maybe by design? Personal preference would be to clear the time values







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 Hi Gareth,

Thanks for the question, its a good one.  Although we have not yet bottomed out the exact pricing details, the app will ultimately become a paid for app. HOWEVER... the essence of it for this App this - while the App is in its free/beta state, any customer that deploys the app into their instance *AND* participates in providing feedback and assists with the introduction and beta program *AND* puts the app into real-time daily use (we can tell this from our activity logs) then those customers will be offered to continue the use of the app free of charge for their life of their Hornbill subscription for any number of users, we will introduce this into our price catalog and customers that meet this criteria will have the free price version locked into their plan and included as part of the "Priced for Life" policy.   

The principle behind this is simple - customers that help us transition apps into every day use will benefit from their efforts in supporting our beta program. 

Does that make sense?


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Hi Gerry

That's a great explanation and hopefully I can be part of the success I don't know if you have specific beta testing actions you require but happy to help if there are any specifics you want to test in a real work scenario





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