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Things I would like to see


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Some of these I have brought up before but here is a couple of items I would like to see in future iterations of hornbill


1. Email notifications for updates to a ticket to an individual, like you did with assignments of tickets

2. Auto response for closed tickets to customer example - This ticket is now closed and may not be monitored please call service desk if the there is still a issue providing the ticket ref.

3. Allow tasks to send emails

4. Allow to pick schedule date via progressive capture for changes





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Some other items I would like to see


Additonal Telephone fields from ldap so we can cater for mobile workphone and extention


Automatic removal of departments when AD has  changed and LDAP is run

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Guest Chaz

Hi Gareth,

I've let the relevant people know about some of your ideas, but wanted to let you know that you're already able to raise Changes from Incidents.


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Item 2 on your original post may be able to be accomplished as part of your workflow.  At the end of your workflow you can send an email out once the status has changed to closed or you can create a 'Closure' stage that manages this and other things that need to be done once closed.

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