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Internal Company/Organisations Subscriptions not cascading

Martyn Houghton

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When assigning Service Subscriptions internally at Company/Division/Department/Team levels, the subscription is not cascading down to the containing sub groups and only applies to co-workers who are specifically assigned to the container the subscription is applied to.

Is this already a know issue?



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Hi Martyn,

We have raised a change to look at having this ability.  The original implementation was not designed to cascade down the tree, however I can see and understand the importance of being able to do this.  I will let you know once this change has been scheduled.


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@James Ainsworth

hello...I was wondering if any thought had been given to the subscriptions options outlined above lately? 

We find it difficult to figure out how to get CI's visible to JUST the correct people when the other CI's in a service can  be seen by everyone. 

We're currently trying to do a consolidation exercise to cut down on the number of services offered, but the subscription of some particular Ci's is causing us headaches....




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As of Service Manager build 1480 we have provided a new features that allows for cascading subscriptions based on the Organisation structure.  The setting com.hornbill.servicemanager.services.subscriptions.allowSubgroupsInclusion has been added which will allow you to enable this ability.  Before changing this setting, you may want to review your current Organization Structure within Administration.  Once your structure has been defined and this setting has been enabled, you can set any of the Group subscriptions to include any groups that sit under the selected group as part of the subscription.


This will help reduce the number of groups that need to be added to a subscription, and it will also allow the Organisation structure to be arranged more appropriately, with the users listed within their appropriate groups.

Hope this helps.



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