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Could a change be made to give the option of making the closure profiles mandatory when an IT person is closing/resolving a call?

We use these profiles for reporting and in SupportWorks you could make it mandatory and also set the minimum level to use. We had it set at 2 levels

We've created all the same profiles in Service Manager and will be instructing the IT teams to complete this step but some are bound not forget which will cause problems with how we currently report on issues

kind regards,


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Guest NadeemMazhar

Hi Pete,

You can currently suspend a workflow until you fill in a Request Closure Category. For example, after you have resolved a call, you can  add a new node called Suspend - wait for Request Closure Category as per my screenshot. This way, the workflow will not move on to the next node until a closure category has been filled in.


Hope that helps.




suspend request.jpg

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Hi Nadeem

We are using the above Node (set as you have done) but while the ticket is waiting for a category, the status does change "resolved" and our resolution email gets sent out. Is there nothing else that can be done to force the ticket to not go into the resolved state...




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Thanks for your posts.  Just to let you know that we do have a change in our backlog for this which I will bring forward to our next review and let you know once we have an update.  Seeing multiple posts on the same topic is great for everyone as we can see what is the most important for our customers.  Keep the posts and ideas coming!

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Just an update on this requirement, the change to provide a setting to make the selection of a closure category mandatory has been accepted and is currently in the incoming queue for our developers to pick up and so this should make it's way into a release in the not to distant future.

We will update here once it is available



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Is there any chance of making it so that you can enforce the number of levels on the closure profiles?

We've got a couple of users that only select the top level which doesn't give us enough information as to the particular issue

Our top level code might be Admin and the levels below are things like unlock account, create new user etc

I'm having to keep reminding them that they need to do a few extra clicks

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I've not really played with categories, but you can Suspend - Wait for Closure Category in the BPM.
If you can follow this with a test for the number of levels you should be able to send a notification to the Owner if it is not up to the required level of detail and loop back to the suspend node, only allowing the call to progress to the Closure stage when this is successfully passed.

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