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Latest LDAP Import tool - OrgLookup

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Since the recent changes to Service Manage Admin console something has stopped working in our LDAP user import script (old version - before the introduction of the API).

I set it up so that it could pull in multiple organisations for users. i.e. each user gets added to the Company OU based on [company], then added to Office OU based on [physicalDeliveryOfficeName], then added to a Department OU based on [Department] AD fields.

This was previously working for all three but I've just noticed that it has stopped doing this and is now only adding each user to the last OrgLookup entry in the conf.json script (in the attached scripts case it would be the Department)

Due to the Hornbill admin console update I thought it may have been the cause if you guys changed anything on your end, so I have created a new script with the new version of the import tool. (see attached the new version of the script)

But the same thing is happening, so to sum up I need the script to add every user to 3 different organisations based on ldap/AD lookups and I know this was previously working but if you are aware of any changes on your end limiting the amount of OrgLookups or how it is processed please let me know how I can get it to do what we need.

Can you help please?





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Hi @jameswsouthall

I was reviewing some of our posts and came across this one which doesn't have a response for you.  Apologies for that. I just wanted to see if you had come to any conclusions.  From our discussions here at Hornbill at the time of your post it was suggested that there hadn't been any changes in that area of the product that would have affected how users were imported using the LDAP import.

I would be interested to know how you got on or if you still have some questions in this area.



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