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Email - Apply to Request - where sender is not the customer

Martyn Houghton

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At the moment when using the 'Apply to Request' option from the mailbox it will first select the customer based on the from email address and then filters the list of available requests by the contact. However there will be occasions when emails are received from other people such as customer colleagues, internal, third parties (i.e. connections) who which need to be applied to the request. 

At the moment even if the request reference is include in the email subject line, it is not possible to select the request to apply the update too as the source contact is not the one the request is linked too.

This is too restrictive and there needs to be the ability to link purely based on the request reference number without the source of the email being who the request is logged against. This restriction is not applied when updating requests in Support Works from email the request reference is present. It appears SW takes the reference as the first criteria and then the contact, where as Hornbill takes the contact as the first criteria and applies the restrictive filter to the requests which can then be selected.

At the moment to get around this we would have to manually copy and paste the email update and attachments onto the request. Which is not efficent and also would not flag in the timeline correctly as being updated from email source nor view email option.

Is this something that is already being looked at?



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Hi Martyn,

it may look like it's not possible, but if you enter the request ID into the search box, you should be able to apply emails to any request regardless of the customer. The only reason we ask for confirmation is to make it easier to find the right request. We are aware that the request ID is not carried across if there is no matching customer, so we will look to fix that which will hopefully help.

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In this scenario, I don't believe it does as nothing more than you can already see is exposed. Let me know how you get on :)

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