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Not sure where to post suggestions/ideas

Could it be possible to have the hornbill forum inside the hornbill console as another option on the home icon

Could it be possible to have step through for bpm and progressive capture so that you watch a call flow through the design, feels clunky making small changes and having to leave to test each time it would also be handy to see which part is not working as expected and to be ale to see set variables as they move through.




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HI Paul,

All suggestions should start in the forum so yes this is a good place. 

Nice idea about the forums being inside Hornbill - watch this space , I hope we will be doing something interesting with our community forums over the coming months :)

One of the problems of having BPM step through capability is dealing with data, it needs the data for the logic to make sense so you would have to step through a real process.  Its possible but very complicated to implement such a capability so I will need to add that to out "list of things to think about" list for now. 

Progressive capture we should be able to do something along those lines, again, not simple but I will post internally and start a discussion with the dev teams and see where it goes. 



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