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Request List - availability Custom Fields

Martyn Houghton

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Hi Martyn,

Other customers have also suggested that this would be desirable.  One of our challenges is the name of the column.  As different services or teams may use the custom fields for different information we need to consider how the column headers are displayed in a way that is descriptive enough to understand what the contents is and not just have custom_a at the top.

I would also be interested to know if you have any fields that you think could be added as a standard field to the requests.  We may find that fields that are possibly more generic to the way that others work can be approached in a different way from the custom fields.  

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At the moment have a common set of custom fields we use across all our services. The first one of these is the is the condition field we have transferred over from Support Works, as this is missing in Service Manager. We use this in Support Works along the SLA Escalation triggers to manage our escalation processes, as we do not necessarily increase the request priority when escalating we indicate it using the condition field.

One of the other custom fields we use is Customer Reference. This is distinct from the current standard External Reference as the latter is used internally in Service Manager by integration to JIRA.

I think both of these would be good suggestions for inclusion as standard fields.

I know from our implementation we have a significant amount of common custom fields, which at the moment we have to setup in each service we have. Once approach may be to split the custom fields, having ones which are common and apply to all services, which would mean you could use in the Request List with a their label, and ones which are specific to the service, which cannot be included in the Request List?



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@Martyn Houghton in the next Service Manager update you will be able to add custom field columns to the personal views on the request list, this will include the ability to define the columns name for each custom column you add.  You will also have the ability to set different display columns per personal view.  This does not extend to the default vies currently but hopefully this will add some value in terms of displaying data held in your custom fields 

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