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Portals - holistic request view


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Good afternoon,


Just wondering if anyone else has requested granting portal users the ability to see all of their requests (across services) from one screen? As we introduce more services for our 3rd party customers this will prove valuable to their quality of life when using it.

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We to have asked about the ability to view all requests on the portal, as well as the ability to view requests logged by your organisation as well as yourself for the services you are subscribed too.

I know with the latest SM 2.2.27 just released there is the ability to now search across all your requests via the portal, but we too will have customers who want to view all their requests in one place, rather than on a per service basis.

We are planning to mitigate this in the short term by including a URL link in the standard email template footer to take them directly to the request in the customer portal so it is easier for them, however we will still require the holistic request view, as we have a large volume of different services and hence the request become fragmented across the different services in the current view.



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Hi Martyn,

Glad I'm not the only one! I know that the ability to view the organisation's tickets is in there - it was put in a couple of months ago now and we've found that very useful so far. If you don't know already, it's done in the Organisation screen in Service Manager, if you expand the requests list there will be a portal access link for you to assign the organisational view to specific contacts. 




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