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Call Back - task owner selection

Martyn Houghton

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At the moment when you create a call back activity in the Request screen there is no option to determine who the activity should be assigned too and it is automatically assigned to the person who is creating the call back.

Could a selection feature be added to allow you to override the user who the call back activity is allocated to, perhaps with the three options, current user (as now), owner of the request and manual selection?

This would be useful where 1st Tier are recording phone requests from the customer asking for call back, or where an incident is being escalated and the a callback from Team Leader/Manager is requested by the customer.



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Hi Martyn

As you may be aware, you can open the activity and re-assign it to the right person. I've fed this back though and will update when we have some more information on it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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