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Posting to the "Public" News Feed


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Whenever I post to the "Public" news feed, only those that are following me will see what I have posted. I cannot find any setting for this so wonder if its a bug with the buzz.

Can this be fixed so whenever one posts something to "Public" everyone can see the post, there is already a separate visibility for "Followers".



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Hi Samwoo,

The post option in the NewsFeed is the same as posting from your profile. In general, unless the person follows you or a workspace (using join) they will not get your posts. The news feed is an individual stream of posts that you have specifically chosen to follow.

We are planing to make a change to allow seeing posts in people's Buzz without following him. That will make more sense when you post something as Public.

Hope this helped,

Kind regards,


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Hi Samuel,

The Newsfeed is not something that you post directly into, but rather a place where all of the things that you are following are correlated into one place.  Everyone's Newsfeed will have different content based on what workspaces they are members of, what people they are following, and what requests in Service Manager they are following.

The Post option at the top of the Newsfeed will add a post to your own personal Buzz and only those users that follow you will see these posts in their Newsfeed.  The option for setting a post in your Buzz as Public should allow any user to visit your profile and see these public posts without following you (as mentioned by Daniel there is a planed change for this), however setting it to public will not add it to everyone's Newsfeed.



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