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Business process decision node variables

Ralf Peters

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we have development requests , after being assigned to a developer ,   requires  them to estimate the time it will take to complete the task , before the business process continues.

if it is over a certain number of hours it needs to be authorised by   X  otherwise Y can approve the hours, and we are happy to create another human task/authorisation against that user .

So we have  created  a  human task ( call it "add estimate" )  with options of  completed - not completed  and prompt the User to put the estimate time into the time spend capture of the task .

what we cannot work out is how we can refer to the entered time spend ( the estimate)  in a decision node   ,  if it is possible at all ??


Any ideas ?














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Interesting idea, quite sure you can't pass this information to be used by another node further down the line in the BP. Perhaps our developers can have a look and see if they can implement this functionality in a future release.

How you can achieve this now, thinking that you said if the estimated hours are less than "N hours" it will be approved by X if greater the approved by Y, perhaps an alternative would be to have 2 outcomes like this:

"Estimate > N"


"Estimate < N"

Then branch your BP based on these outcomes?


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