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closeRequest API Call not adding comment to case

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I wrote a small PHP page back in October last year to allow users to rate their cases. It used the closeRequest API call. Sometime between Feb and March this year, it has suddenly stopped adding the comment into the case. The API call is still closing the call, but the comment is not getting added in, so I know the API call is reaching Hornbill. Could someone confirm is this is a bug, or if the behaviour of the API call has changed?

 Here is the code I am using to generate the API call.

    $mc->addParam("requestId", $_POST["callref"]);

    $mc->addParam("closeText", $comments);

    $mc->addParam("rating", $_POST["rating"]);

    $mc->invoke("apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Requests", "CloseRequest");

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Hi Nick,

We should never regress behaviour on an API, this is part of our Continuous Delivery model so not sure why this would have changed. Someone form the service manager app team will look into this and find out whats up and why this appears to have regressed.  If it has regressed that could indicate we have a gap in our automated testing so we need to get to the bottom of it. Once we do, if it has regressed we will ensure we restore it back to its previous behaviour.


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Guest Chaz

Hi Nick,

apologies for the inconvenience. While we did our best to cater for the old and new scenarios, we missed one out which meant a new optional parameter we introduced could cause the comment not to posted to a request.

I've now amended the API so that it works exactly as before and this fix is available in the live store now.

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