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Is it possible to set up a view within the Request List to show calls that are near or have breached their SLA? I can sort by Resolve by date/time but it would be good if these could also be filtered into a separate view. Also, in Supportworks the text used to change colour for breached calls, is this possible to set up to make breached calls more prominent in the Request list?

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Hi LJ,

I'm a Hornbill user, so best advice i can give is...

  1. On the Request List click the Gear Icon on the top right
  2. Click SL to enable it
  3. Drag the column to the appropriate position

This column will show two circles and is colour coded based on whether the call is breached or not etc.

Maybe someone else will have further information, but this has been quite useful for us.



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Thanks Samuel, we've already added this to our view so this may be the only thing to go by/ Would just be nice if we could make it a bit more prominent in the list in a different colour and/or filter these calls out into a separate view list.

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I'm pretty sure that having breached/about to breach calls on a board is one of the stock examples - we've not migrated yet so I'm only going on what I've seen in demos/the forums but I'm certain this has been shown to demonstrate the use of boards.

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Thanks for the posts. 

There are some options to show the respond by / resolve by columns in the request list, and for the SL column to show the timers current status, albeit maybe not showing those approaching breach. We are doing some work around the Service Level functionality which you will start to see in the coming weeks, and we are also completing some work around rebuilding the Views Condition Builder to make it easier for us to add more clause options easier, so we can start to look into adding more options around the service level targets etc but In the meantime there is the option to use our Boards and Escalation actions to give you some of the visibility you maybe after. 

You can create a Breach Board, and on the Board create lists which say reflect calls which may breach today, or in 2 hours etc.  Then using the Escalation actions, you can have the calls automatically added to the Breach Board, and move across the breach board as their targets approach, as shown in the example below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 20.04.29.png

These Breach Boards can be supported by the other email and re-assignment escalation options which are also available. 

A few useful links around this:

Boards: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/My_Boards

Escalation Actions: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Set_up_Service_levels Specifically the Add to Boards sections. 

Once we have some updates on enhancements to the request list options we'll post back here.

I hope this helps



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Thanks for the reply Steve, it would be useful to enhance the request list so that call owners can see everything in one place specifically assigned to them. In the meantime we have set up our breach board and will make this visible to everyone to keep track of calls.

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