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Resend of emails

Ralf Peters

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maybe I understand this incorrectly :

When you email the customer it is logged in the timeline .

The "More Action" drop down lets you view the email.

when you then click on the envelope next to the customer you get the option for "delivery status" and "resend message to recipient"

when i select the resend option , nothing happens .

is this suppose to work or only when the initial send failed ?




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Hi Ralf,

Ahhh thats an interesting question indeed. So as it turns out, if delivery fails then you can re-send, thats the point of the option and it works - the delivery logging is awesome by the way :). However, as you rightly point out you can re-send an e-mail that was previously successfully sent, and if you look at the delivery log you will see that the message does in fact get sent by our servers and you can see the remote server accepting the message. So the theory is very good. However....what you are probably experiencing is the recipient you resend to does not receive the message again right?

So as it turns out, Exchange (have not really observed it on other systems yet but presume its the same) looks at the message ID of the originating message, which in our case is the same on each re-send and what appears to happen is Exchange recognises that as a "duplicate" message that it has previously accepted and presumably discards subsequent messages with the same message ID....rather than re-deliver it. That actually makes sense because its entirely possible that an e-mail network can deliver multiple copies of the same message when routing mail.

So the "resend after a successful send" function is still a work in progress I am afraid, a little rethinking and experimentation is required to make this useful. Its on our agenda and will get addressed, we just need to figure out how to sensibly allow one message to contain multiple message ID's for traceability. Its probably a good idea for now for us to disable the re-send option on successfully delivered messages until we sort out that problem

Hope that makes sense.


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