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Getting error messages all day in different calls

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Good afternoon,

We have received reports of error messages occurring on random calls all day today. Mostly with the "Service Desk" service (as this is where most of our calls are logged).

Errors such as below:



I haven't changed the Service Request -> Service Desk -> Service Request BPM, but I have copied it so I could tweak it slightly as a test based on a request to Service Request -> Testing Service -> TEST Service Request BPM (this was last night). Noone has used the Testing Service at all...

I have also set up for the first time yesterday (after a request to do so was approved), the latest version of the LDAP_Import tool which ran overnight at about 17:30. Everything came out fine in the logs and the customers look ok on Hornbill...

I have also had a look in the Event Logs within Hornbill and its throwing out a LOAD of errors... what do these mean?


We cant pinpoint whats causing all the error messages, there doesn't seem to be a pattern.... except for what's coming out of the event log.



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Hi Samuel,

It looks like there is an error with the SSL cert used for APNS notifications (these are the notifications send over the Apple network for Iphone, iPad etc), I will ask one of the infrastructure team to look into it. We appear to have failed to deploy the updated/renewed certificate, or your instance has had trouble picking it up. You can safely ignore the errors, right now it means apple mobile platform users will not be getting notifications to their mobile devices from your instance.


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