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Shared MailBox Notifications

Martyn Houghton

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Would it be possible to have the ability to turn on or off notifications at a user level for Shared Mailboxes, akin to the similar option in workspaces where you can be a member of the workspace but turn off the the notifications?

We have multiple Shared Mailboxes and though users will have a primary one they work with, they have access to the other mailbox in order to provide cover for emergencies/overflow, so therefore do not need new email notifications for the non primary mailbox.



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Hi Martyn,

I understand your requirement and have discussed this with the platform team. Is not a simple solution because of the complexity inchecking rights against every user and every notification.

But, they will have a look at this soon and asses if is possible to implement this in a relatively short amount of time.

I will keep you informed.



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