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Granting access to documents

Ralf Peters

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I have uploaded a document into the library , set the status to published .

How can i give access to the document to all users.

I can only see the option to share with individual user, don't fancy having to add hundreds of "basic users"

Is there an option to give access to a document based on department or site or company or all ??

i want to link to the documents from within my service FAQs .



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Hello Ralf,

Thanks for your post.

There are two aspects of sharing a document. One is to share with individuals that are helping to collaborate on the creation of a document and the other is to publish the document in a library.

The option for sharing with individuals is done through the document details where you can assign individuals and provide them particular rights in order to contribute to the creation and management of the document.

If you are looking to publish a finished document and you wish to share this with a group of people or possibly everyone, you are able set the different libraries up to provide this access. There is a video here that takes you through setting up a library. You will need to have the role for Managing Libraries assigned to your account in order to set up the different access to the libraries.



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