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Action Icon Missing


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Our Action icons within service manager is missing when logging Incidents, but works OK with Change Requests, and wondering if anyone can help.

I have looked at our associated service relating to incidents, and looks OK.



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When you configure a service you can set which action options you have for that specific service. Choose "Services" from the service desk menu on the left side, choose the service this relates to, in the service click on the "Request Configuration" tab and you can see the optiuons in there. Not sure if changes in there effect the already raised requests, I imagine they do but I dont know SM that well to be sure, I expect someone that does know from the SM team will post more detail here.


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Sorry, worked it out now....Please ignore....Sorted this from the Request Configuration Tab of the Service for the Incident, and selected the action Icons required...

( Needed my coffee ) Thanks.

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Hi Tony,

The action buttons that appear on the request are controlled per service and defined on the Service Record. The above request looks to have been logged against your 'IT Support' service, as such you need to go into the IT Support service to configure the options available.

You will find this documented here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Services under 'Request Configuration' and in the section on 'Request Actions'

We also have video here as part of our Feature Friday Blog that may help to explain.

Please feel free to post back if this does not resolve your question.


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