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Global Adress book lookup

Ralf Peters

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Is it possible to have the Global address book lookup available in the email client like it is in supportworks ( we use the current supportworks email to send out company wide system notifications ).

I know that you can enter the delivery group details manually , but for accuracy sake it would be safer if picked from a list and i have seen the new Bulletin tab for services , which will be great but will not replace the required email notification in our case.



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Hi Ralf,

There is currently no global address book functionality in Hornbill. Because of the way in which we integrate with AD is primarily through SAML for authentication we had not built any address book import capabilities into Hornbill like we did with Supportworks.

What I would suggest you could do is create the address list(s) you need on your Exchange Server (or other mail server you are using) and ensure that those mailing list(s) have an e-mail address (something like everyone_that_needs_to_know@hornbill.com for example ), then you can send to that mailing list and let Exchange distribute the message to everyone in the respective mailing list - will this work?


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