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Assigned BPM and Progressive Capture


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We have a number of BPM's and Progressive Captures created by a user who left about a month or so ago... they all are turned on.

I was wondering if there could be somewhere within the BPM and Progressive Capture area to indicate what is being used and where... whether its as a Catalog or Assigned to an Incident etc. If it's blank then it isn't being used... we can turn them off or remove them.

Maybe for example add another column maybe titled "Usage" containing a Yes / No value, then when you hover over it you will see where it's being used.

Just wanted to do a bit of cleaning so I am aware of what's been created, how it's been created etc.



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Hi Samuel,

there are things in the pipeline to improve the management of the BPM and Pro Cap flows in the Admin Tool.

At the moment, the only approaches I can offer is that you review your Services and catalog items to understand which are currently being utilised. When creating new BPMs or Pro Cap flows, adopting a naming convention can be very helpful. I typically prefix any new flow with the service name (or abbreviation of the Service name) which allows processes to be naturally found together in the list.

In Admin 2.0, there is also the Category column, which can be populated via the design canvas in the Process properties. This could be used to help with the organising of your processes.

Hope that helps,


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