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Permissions/Role for Managing Portal Access

Martyn Houghton

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Within our organisaiton, our 1st Tier team deal with the setup and password reset of our external customers who use our Self Service.

The facility to add and maintain portal accounts is within the Admin tool and I will need to give them access to this, but only the 'Portal Accounts' and 'Guest Accounts' functions. Is this currently possible using existing permissions options?



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Hi Martyn 

Apologies for the late response.

There is not currently a default role to handle this functionality.

Having a quick look they will need the Contacts Admin Role (If creating / updating) :

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 07.13.07.png

And System Rights A: Manage Portals , Update Portals (If they are going to be associating and contacts).

There will be additional Table Rights i have missed here.

Please let Me Known if you need any further assistance.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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