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Hi Daniel,

When I assign this roles to user profiles including mine, I get the following error "No rights on application.com.hornbill.docmanager" can you please help?



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Hi Tony

This is part of the Security Model where a user cannot elevate there own rights or another users rights above there own. This causes an issue when first installing an application, as a workaround the default rights for an application should be assigned to the Admin Role so any user with this role should be able to assign rights. Alternatively your Instance Administration Account (admin) is a Super User and can first assign this rights to the relevant user.

Hope this makes sense.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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Guest Chaz

Hi Tony,

The system setting security.roles.grantRights allows a single role to bypass the checks that happen when trying to give roles to apps you don't have access to yourself. By default, it's set to the Admin Role, but if you or others don't have that and it's appropriate, you can change that to a role that you do have.

Hope that helps.

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