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Email Snippets Fields - Last Timeline update text

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Would it be possible to have a field in the Email Snippets that inserts the text of the last timeline update, i.e. if you completed and updated an a task, you can then send an email to the customer using a snippet but bringing in the text from the completed task?



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HI Martyn

Thanks for the suggestion, it is not currently on the list of available variables however it is the intention to expand those which where initially provided, and this seems like a good candidate. We will probably look to tackle extending the available one's when we have a few more which we can group together and tackle in one go. To that end I would be interested to hear anyone else's thoughts on other variables they think would be useful to be available with our Snippets feature?



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I would like to see the snippets available in any place where you can type text (eg. update, resolve, mailbox).

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