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Action Icon not showing

Ralf Peters

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we are scatching our heads at the moment .

we have 3 services defined with a number of catalog items and certain action icons enabled or even all action icons enabled .

I then logged requests against these 3 services .

When i look at the request the action Icons for "Connections" and "Solutions" will only show for one service type and not for the other two .

I searched the Wiki but couldn't find any answers, we think we set up the services correct ?

is there something we are missing ?




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Hi Ralf

We have been able to replicate the behaviour with the Connections action icon and a defect has been raised for this with a high priority.

In regards to the Solutions action icon, if this is configured to show on a Service and Incident type, it will not be visible until the Incident is linked to a Problem or Known Error which has a Workaround defined. Once the Workaround is visible, the Solutions action icon should be visible to any linked Incidents, showing the workaround as a possible solution to the Incident, which the Incident owner can accept or reject.

Could you let us know if the solution action icon is not showing even in the above scenario? as we would not expect it to show on an Incident form otherwise.



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