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Customize Tasks/Activities


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Not sure which its called but I would like the feature to basically configure what is displayed on tasks you create in a tickets.

Or creating a specific task type for a process such as change or problem

Basic things like being able to hide buttons such a delete, the chargeable buttons and follow up. These may be handy in some case but for example in our workflow for change could stop the workflow in its tracks



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Hi Gareth,

I believe that the visibility of the delete was actually a defect which has been address or will soon be addressed. The deletion of an activity which has been created by a BPM workflow could potentially end the workflow so the delete option needs to be removed.

For BPM created activities you can remove the charging option per activity. This is done within the properties of the manual task node in the workflow designer.


Also within these properties you can define the different outcomes. These outcomes are presented as buttons when the activity is being completed.


There are additional considerations around the creation of task templates, but this is still in the planning stage.

I hope this helps.


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anything on what tasks may do in the future? I would also like to be able to lock out tasks based on what the task for example a task to peer review a change but i dont want the owner to be able to progress it it has to be done by another person?



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