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Edit the email content when raising a request from email

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When you update a request from an email you get the option to 'Edit Email Content' which will put into the timeline of the request being updated, however when you are Raise Request from an email you do not have the same facility and the summary/description is just defaulted to the textual content of the email.

Would it be possible to have this facility added to the Raise Request option?



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Hi Martyn,

If you are using the Summary/Description progressive capture form when raising requests from email, the Description should be populated with the contents of the email. This should allow you to review and edit the information from the email. You can then use the right hand side of the progressive capture to return back to the Summary/Description form at any point if you need to reference the information after you have passed that step.

Is there other information from the email other than the message body that you are looking for?

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  • Victor changed the title to Edit the email content when raising a request from email

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