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Some emails attempt to update non existent requests


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We have a format where a certain job type is logged with a subject line however it seems like hornbill either thinks its an update and trys to append to a non existent job or just auto deletes them

Is there anyway or resolving this it has been tested, below are the subject lines of the jobs

PNX - <prime010702240 - Roger Barker > - <end nom> - <msmith> - <priority>

PNX - <prime010088469 - Lynne Lewis > - <end nom> - <msmith> - <medium>

PNX - <prime006908631 - Leonard Max Truppin> - <end nom> - <msmith> - <medium>

PNX - <prime007307558 - Anthony Bourke > - <end nom> - <msmith> - <medium>

PNX - <prime007605335 - Gerald Furniss > - <end nom> - <msmith> - <medium>

PNX - <prime007032267 - Thomas Davies > - <end nom > - <msmith> - <msmith>

PNX - <prime006930439 - Robert Johnston> - <end nom > - <msmith> - <medium>

FW: PNX - <prime009505571 - Raymond Pilcher > - <end pre- wrond DOD> - <msmith> - <medium>

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In your auto responder Update Request rule expression is:

REGEX_MATCH(subject, '.*[a-zA-Z]{2}[0-9]{8}.*')

This means find any string in the subject that has a 2 letter 8 numbers format together - i.e. not separated by anything because of [a-zA-Z]{2}[0-9]{8}. Looking at the following example:

Subject: PNX - <prime010702240 - Roger Barker > - <end nom> - <msmith> - <priority>

The matching is done on the following string:


Because rule expression evaluates as <anything>me01070224<anything>

For example, if you put a space between "prime" and the numbers then it will be no match.

If you have email updates with call references in the subject, usually the call references are a separate word so you might account for this in your rule expression.

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Hi Victor

Great Response, I am not very good with setting these things please could you help me with how I would account for these type of subject lines while not stopping the updates to other calls?



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The space worked to not delete them however this is now caused duplicate assigned emails to be produced, may not be this but its the only email change I have made today.

and no process has been changed

I have logged with support as well



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  • Victor changed the title to Some emails attempt to update non existent requests

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