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Service customisation applying incorrectly to all services

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We are in the process of updating the Details Form on our Services to make some of the custom fields view able as we will be both using them going forward and also be transferring some data into them as part of the migration using the Request Loader.

My understanding was that this customisation is at a per Request Type and Service, but it appears that when you save the customisation it is partially saved across all services.

For example when you add customisation to a Service, in this case add CustomA as field called Third Party to the Elections service and apply the changes they then appear as expected.



Now you go to a different Service, but for request type of Request and click on the Details Form, you get the default form without Custom A field being displayed, which is expected.


If you then add custom field A with a different title on this service and apply the changes.



However if we go back to the original Service and click on the View Details Form, we will see the title of the field we added originally as Third Party has been altered to the name we used in the last service customisation.


It seems to stuck halfway between the customised details form being set across all services (in terms of field titles) but not applying the same fields to all services/request type configurations.

Can this be checked as I think this is a bug.



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Guest Chaz

Hi Martyn,

We are aware of this issue and are currently looking at the best way to solve it. Our reference for this is: KE00140656

Just so you know, this is just an issue with the labels, the data is stored correctly for each request.

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