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Email Facility Permission


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Hi Lucy,

Thanks for your post. I was just wondering if there was a particular scenario that you are trying to facilitate? Using the shared mailboxes provides some important controls with the emailing. One control is to make sure that only the support staff that you wish to send emails are able to do so. Another is the email template so the messages have a consistent look and feel. The shared mailbox also provides a standard reply email address to the outgoing emails so that responses can be added to existing requests.

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Thanks for coming back to me James. We'd like all teams within IT to be able to use the email message facility within the request list but don't want them accessing the entire mailbox in case they delete/reply to messages which should all be managed by the service desk. If I set up a new role which just has the option to send message under the shared mailbox rights, will this make just the email icon visible and nothing else?

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@jbrown, @James Ainsworth

We use the rights below to control what our 2nd Tier Analyst can do with the mailbox. It does not stop them from opening the mailbox as such, but restricts them from what they could do through the mailbox.


Our 1st Tier who manage the mailbox then have more rights, as the 'manage' the mailbox as such.



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@ljbrown @Martyn Houghton you could have a role with only "Can Send" and "Can Get" message which will give the email functionality on requests: sending email from a request and opening email attached to requests (you might need the "File Attachment" one if handling attachments but not 100% sure). Currently they will see the mailbox icon (having this combination of rights) but when they try to access it they will get a permission denied message. The right that gives an analyst access to open the mailbox is "Can Get Folder Properties".

In the next collaboration build however, any role that does not have "Can Get Folder Properties" will not see the mailbox icon therefore will not have access to the mailbox itself (like now but the icon will be hidden).

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