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Dear Hornbill

All our "Out of Hours" Support calls are logged into Hornbill with OOH prefixing the Summery field.

I have set up a new View to pull a quick report to check the amount of OOH on a monthly basis however it provides me only the calls logged by my team rather than all the OOH calls in the system.

Is there anyway the View can be aplied to the entire database rather than only to the team I'm a member of?

Please see attached example of the Condition used.


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This is a known issue whereby any view/filter will only display calls belonging to the team of which the analyst is a member of. Basically in your filter there is a, let's say, "hidden" criteria: team = "my team". The fix for this will be included in our next Service Manager release 2.25.

Meanwhile, as a workaround, to have displayed all calls in this view regardless of the team I would advise to have additional criteria for teams, meaning that besides the "summary" and "raised on" to also put "team" for all the teams that you need to see the calls from. Hope this makes sense :) I can understand this being a bit tedious if you have many teams in the system but until the next release this would be the only way around this.

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Thank you however the Team criteria only display the teams I'm a member of so the workaround isn't quite addressing the issue (but thanks anyway).

I'll have to wait for 2.25...

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Guest Chaz

Hi Stephanie,

When building a View it now also shows the teams that support the same services as you so that you can view requests related to that service. Just so you know, 2.25 is available in the app store now.

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