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Multiple choice custom forms

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I have a Progressive Capture that asks users what Applications they required via the Service Request Catalog. It's a multi-choice check-box list.

I have set up a Business Process as a test to see if i could assign certain users to a human task based on the choices they have selected... but i'm not having any luck getting it to work.

The Business Process


Get Request Questions from Form ID app_List


Decision Custom Expression


Application List


I've tried different combinations for the decision results but no matter what I do, i always get the GotoIf error when creating the call...

Outcome == "Application 1"

Answer 1 == "Application 1"

Answer 1 == "Application 1"

How can i make the decision node look for ALL the answers in from the Multiple Choices?

If possible can we have a unique decision node that will fire the other nodes if the results are ticked? A bit like the parallel processing node, maybe we could have a parallel decision node?

Many thanks,


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Hi Samuel

I think, I may be wrong, that as you are using parallel processing it is looking at completing all 3 branches. I have included a screen shot of what I would try.


I hope this helps

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Hi Kelvin,

Thanks for your response. I did try the above originally but it only works if a user selects 1 check-box from the list. If we select multiple check-boxes it doesn't fire any events and goes through the "No Match" route.

Single Selection Expectation (Works)

When you choose a single application then press next it will result in the application that you chosen... the decision node would then be able match the result:

  • Selection:post-12454-0-99735300-1463059248.png

  • Result:post-12454-0-64399900-1463059248.png

Multi Selection Expectation (Doesn't Work)

But if you choose multiple choices, then press next it will result with both applications seperated by a comma. The decision node will fire "No Match" because i'm searching only for single results, not combined results.

  • Selection:post-12454-0-82210900-1463059248.png

  • Result:post-12454-0-47406000-1463059248.png

All i wished to be able do is for the Business Process to detect each choice selected, then action on each of them seperately.

This issue also occurs in the Progressive Capture GotoIf node.



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Hi Kelvin,

Its a step closer that's for sure, but still having an issue.

Progressive Capture


I currently have a Custom Form with seperate YesNo dropdown boxes for each application:


For each "Yes" selected on the Application List, it will show a personalised form for each Application depending on what details we need.

Business Process


After confirmation of call assignment, I have a node that looks at the Application List form


Following from that is a decision node that runs based on the answers given.

(Application 1)


(Application 2 etc)


Call Process

Choosing Applications required. I expect 2 tasks to be created and assigned after this.


Pressing next, i fill out the Customised forms for Application 1 and Application 2


After I finish the Application i go to the Call and can see that there is only 1 Human Task created... but i need Two as the admin for Application 1 does not look after Application 2 etc.


i've tried many variations of the Decision Answers... but to no avail.

Sorry for being a pain on this query, i just wish to streamline the process for our users without having to use multiple forms for similar things.



ps. I'll set up the Business Process properly once i have this working :)

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Hi Samuel,

If I've understood correctly, you need a bit of a combination of your first post (with the parallel processing) and what you have performed in your most recent post.

I've replicated your scenario on my local instance and one way of getting this to work is to put your decision nodes within the parallel processing nodes as per below:


This way, you only need to use one "Get Questions" automated task, but because you are making 3 simultaneous decisions "Has App 1 been selected?/Has App 2 been selected?/Has App 3 been selected?" rather than awaiting the first task to be closed before the next decision is made, the parallel nodes need to be wrapped around these.

I tested mine with the following answers:


And when I raised my request, the relevant tasks were simultaneously created:


I hope this helps!

Edit: I've noticed this is extremely similar to what you posted in the first post - the difference is using the drop down lists to base the answers on rather than the checkboxes. The check box answers are stored as one string in the database e.g. App1,App2,App3 or App1,App3 so you would need a decision based on every combination - and with every additional option you provide, the number of possible combinations gets a lot larger.

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